Interview with Abby from Story-Eyed

I have known Abby for quite some time now. We have collaborated with other writers to create online magazines such as Freckled Minds and we've partaken in group chats that brought to life the famous @Albion2k16 (the albino future president, mind you). She is very talented in numerous creative realms, from writing to photography to blog design. She is also the sweetest girl and such an inspiration to me.

Abby has recently launched a new blog called Story-Eyed, a site about writing, college, and travels she's been on. She reached out to me a few weeks back asking for support on this new journey, and given what we're all about here at Two Point Perspective, I said yes! We agreed to do an interview, and it went as follows.

Now please, grab your favorite drink and snack as we sit down to look into the life of the elegant creator Abby.

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?
There are definitely artists who lean one way or the other. I've met other creators who need to meticulously plan out entire trilogy down to the smallest details. There are others who just take random bursts of inspiration from whatever they see! While it's great to have these two aspects of creativity shine, I don't think either come as mutually exclusive in the creative process! It may actually be a synthesis. I think, for many artists, the work they create does subconsciously reflect observations, ideas and beliefs which may resonate within themselves, even if birthed sporadically. Their muse must come from something they observe or feel.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?
I have super weird processes for each discipline except for photography! Theatre is predominantly the strangest. I usually will lock myself up in the same closet as the hangers and bobby pins and just make strange faces into the mirror. A lot of vocal exercises, like sirens or tongue twisters, also occur. As for my writing prep process, I'm very private about this one, but it is something which does helped clear my mind from any doubts or preconceived expectations building in my head. Ultimately this is what all of my creative zone entering processes do: release that tension and enter in with a clear mind.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?The act of writing energizes me. I love how I'm able to portray characters and scenarios, living inside of their head space and seeing the ways they deal with adversity. It's funny, because I sometimes write personal essays and memoirs for self reflection. With those pieces, I'm usually in such a wreck because I channel in all my emotions. It leaves me exhausted at the end of the day, but gives me a sense of calm energy and a clear mind once it is finished. All of those negative emotions are gone, replaced with a sense of understanding.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?She's not an author in a traditional sense, but my writing friend whom I've known since my middle school years Christina pushed me. She's achieved so many outstanding writing feats all throughout middle and high school, from journal publications to national recognition. It's through her that I've challenged myself by being immersed into a different tangent of the online writing community and studying different styles. I do love the blogging community, but it is important to also expand outside of our regular circles and from there, immerse ourselves in the diversity of writers and topics.

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?The most difficult part of the process is waiting. Stagnant doldrums are calming after a whirl of fury, but I don't like staying still. I want to write, perform, and create, but sometimes I have to wait because maybe I need more time to mull over the plot, or another audition won't pop up for the next several months. While it can be frustrating, it's good to remember these moments can be utilized to attune to what your internal self and the world are saying to continue being inspiration.

Were you ever discouraged? If so, how did it it affect your creativity?A lot of external forces discourage me-- a big part comes from those who simply dismiss writing as a waste of my time and don't support me. Hearing this, especially from those in my inner circle and hold in a high regard, hurts. I know chances in the publishing industy are slim. Instead of discouragement gnawing at my creativity, it actually fuels it. I push forward. I study characterization after finishing my physics homework and scholarship applications. I write until my wrist hurts and pen stains my hand for the umpteenth time at three in the morning because yes, failure is inevitable, but it does not mean your creativity and drive are taken from you. You may not control what happens externally, but creation and resilience are in your control. No one can take that from you.

What was the biggest opposing force that you encountered on your creative journey?Besides discouragement, the lack of available resources has been the biggest obstacle. I live in one of the most beautiful states to go outside and explore in, with a rich history and an appreciation for the arts. However, due lack of funding and the state facing hardship, all art programs-- including the literary arts-- have been cut, and some of the remaining options are too expensive to attend. Sometimes it felt like I was falling behind some of my friends, who did have those mentorship and author seminar resources, but that didn't make me less of a writer.

How would you describe your writing process?A large chunk of my writing process comes from fermentation. When a new idea springs into my mind, I spent several months garnering and recording who my characters are and how the story will push forward. Once the general outline is solidified and character arcs are in place does the actual writing come forward. It then takes me an additional two months to calm down from the novel before I begin editing, then another three before I send it off to beta readers. The process then cycles over and over again, but the aspect of fermentation-- the act of pinpointing and enriching fuzzy plot and character points-- still remains the entire time.

What are the creative hobbies you save the most time for?Most of my time is spent on either writing or photography. For writing, I typically dabble in novels, personal essays and memoirs, some short stories, and lately, some poetry. If I'm not engaged with either of those, I'm either performing, coding, or currently engaging with new media consumption!

Do you think your creative endeavors have helped you work to improve your mental health?Yes. As someone who suffers with anxiety, writing helps me channel my emotions and examine inner turmoils whose roots are murky. To be able to write for yourself for the sole reason-- there's something empowering about having an outlet. It's been a powerful way to help keep my emotions in check. I've also been getting into performing some of my written pieces live or on a recording, which would have been surprising several months ago!

How would you like to be remembered?I want to be remembered for the reasons why I write: to examine the clashes between good and evil, the black and the white, and highlight the stories of the gray which emerge in between. These gray areas are typically the unnoticed, if not untold, narratives which give depth. Gray is usually dismissed as a monochrome color, but I admire its ability to give the dimension of depth and complexity. Whatever I write, I hope it inspires individuals to think, interact, and gain a better understanding of the world surrounding them. And if my work does this and helps people build connections, then I'll be happy.

You can find Abby at the following social media links:

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