What if Abbiee, Anna, and Kate wrote a book together?

Some people on the web speak to our hearts.

Lately, I have been in the groove of enjoying the content of three bloggers I absolutely love. Their stuff gets pushed to the top of my inbox, all post notifications are turned on, etc. When they drop something new, I drop everything else so I can be one of the first to consume what it is they put out.

Q: Do you follow any creators who connect with you in this way? Let me know in the comments!

I love these bloggers and the beautiful array of content they put out on the web. The messages they stand behind and what they create always turns out to so beautiful and inspiring.

Then one day, as I was roaming around the web looking for inspiration, I found a post suggestion on CoSchedule. It said,

Pick Out 3 Creative People Who Inspire You And Think About If They Collaborated To Make A Product—What Would It Be?

It got me thinking about these bloggers and it spurred the idea of them collaborating together. To make what, you ask?

A book!

Well, let's meet them first before we daydream about the gloriousness that would ensue if my top three fave bloggers wrote a novel together.

The rundown on these top bloggers:

Abbiee from Abbiee

Abbiee is the beautiful, multi-talented waffle-eater we all know and love. She spreads positive, encouraging messages through a multitude of platforms and crafts: from her blog posts, music, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc. She is the spout of inspiration and the main guru I go to when looking for advice -- whether it's writing, productivity, or even relatable entertainment.

Anna from Lethologica

Anna is the famed author of the sci-fi trilogy, Continuing Forever. Anna has given me the great privilege and honor of being on her pre-reader/promotion team AND being my friend. She is the most down to earth, funny person I know, and she's willing to talk about pretty much anything. Her knowledge of the book world inspires me to broaden my horizons and dig deeper into the stories that go unnoticed. She is also a very talented artist, loves cats, and puts out amazing videos on YouTube. Also, her sense of humor usually has me laughing and rolling around on the floor.

Kate from The Goodness Revolt

Kate is a blogger, YouTuber, author, and Abbiee's older sister. She published her debut novel back in 2017 and is gearing up to publish the second book this summer! I have had the great honor to read these books and FRIEND THEY ARE AMAZING. Not only is she a great writer, but she's a great human too. She makes videos about writing that have made me want to dig deeper into the craft and create stories that tell tales of role-models and help readers take lessons away from. She also posts on her blog about her travels, updates on her writing journey, and inspiring pieces. (She will also be a guest here on the blog very soon, so stay tuned for that.)

What would these three creators create together? A book!

Just think about it - an epic standalone quite unlike anything the world has ever seen. All three of these women are elegant, talented writers who have put out amazing work that has blown my mind time and time again.

What would this book contain?

Great role-models and relatable characters - you look up to these people and feel for them. You understand what they've been through and the journey they've taken to end up wherever it is when THE END smacks you as you finish reading.

Witty banter and sarcasm and a hint of sass - the perfect seasoning for memorable dialogue that gets passed around on Tumblr.

Breath-taking imagery - story-telling that makes you feel like you are THERE, living through the characters and facing the same stakes.

Aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
- think beautiful images from Pinterest, elegant color schemes, and a cover that is so beautiful you may just have to buy two books so you can have one where the cover isn't bent and one you can actually read.

Adventure - pft, this book wouldn't sit still for long. It would take readers to new places, fictional and real, and it would teach them about the world.

Plot twists galore - you think you have it all figured out until it all blows up in your face and the characters scramble to get things resolved. #miniheartattack But it all works out in the end!
    Impact - by the end, readers would learn something. The book would make an impact on the hearts of every person who chooses to read it. You wouldn't walk away empty-handed.

    Who are YOUR top 3 inspiring figures?

    What do you think would happen if they got together to create something? Would you buy it? Let's discuss in the comments below!



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