What makes an artist talented? [Welcome]

For some, it is technical perfection, years of training, blood, sweat, and tears.

For myself, it is passion and the simple act of trying.

I believe too many of us DON'T try because we're afraid it A) won't be perfect or B) won't be loved. We hear stories about starving artists whose only talents were their eccentric traits and getting famous only after they died. But who said it had to be that way?

Who said we needed to be afraid?

This is a blog dedicated to helping those who don't want to be held back by the standards of this world. You don't want to be tied down to one talent, limited by small numbers, or even play by the societal "rules". Your version of a Full Life is not the American Dream. It is creating, cultivating, and being enough where you stand. Famous or not.

This site is for you. Who wants to laugh and spread joy through her creative work. Whether you know what you want or just want to know.

Let's Gogh...

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