How to live tidy when you need to be reminded visually

I tend to forget things.

It happens now and again, so I try to make sure I write things down ASAP and remind myself visually that I need to get something done. This isn't limited to what I do but also what I use. I forget I own certain things, especially clothing items and papers. This wouldn't be so bad except I also try my best to keep everything about my life super organized, especially given the small space I live in. I like white space, clean lines, and uncluttered surfaces (though my poor desk always seems to collect stacks of papers). But this means I tend to put things away, out of sight.

My brain takes "out of sight, out of mind" way too seriously.

I will forget I own things, simply because I don't see them. But I don't want to see them because when I do, they clutter my brain. Are you picking up on my conundrum?

Today's post is for you, who may be able to relate to needing to be visually reminded, yet not wanting stuff all over the place. Here is a fist bump and a few tips for you, friend.

#1 Put your most used items out on display

Giving your things a place out in the open will not only help you use them, but save you time from always having to get them out and then put them back and then get them out and - you get the picture. It's also great to remind yourself that these great things exist (because sometimes we forget!). I bought myself a highlighter (face kind) back in November and LOVED IT. But I've only used it a few times because it slipped to the bottom of one of my drawers and it took me weeks to remember I had it. Now it's part of my first-pick pile and I remember to use it.

To keep things from feeling too cluttered, limit the items you keep out and don't show off what you think you'll remember using.

#2 Put the items you WANT to use out on display

Are there things you want to use up but forget about because they're buried? Pull them out of hiding and use 'em up. That tube of toothpaste with one more use? Counter, next to the toothbrush. The last bit of cream cheese? Front of the fridge. The possibilities are endless, my friend. Don't let your hard earned cash go to waste! (UNLESS these items are things you have found don't give you joy. In that case, move to tip #5.)

#3 Create a fresh atmosphere by changing your space

I have a corkboard on my wall full of inspiring quotes and artwork I've miraculously conjured. Problem is, I'm so used to seeing those things, I skip right over them. My brain's got better things to do. To combat this I've started switching things up when it's time to change my calendar. I'll move things around, give it a fresh layout, and even take a moment to add/remove something new. Now my eyes will catch on this new display, and I will take the time to look, read, and suck up inspiration.

You can do this with more than a cork board. Books on your shelf, how you organize your clothes, knick knacks - whatever it is you have out, feel free to change it up every once in a while.

#4 Use sticky notes

Sticky notes are amazing, friend. I love using them to break down school notes, organize information, or remind myself of important to-do's. I highly recommend that you go out and buy yourself a pack, big or small (or all sizes!) and stick 'em on everything. Just remember that your brain may get used to seeing them after a while, so they're best for reminding you of short-term/urgent items.

#5 Make it easy for yourself by clearing away what you don't use

I love love love to declutter. Just the other day I through out about a dozen used mechanical pencils I has accumulated because I liked the brand and wanted to remind myself about it, or because I felt it was wasteful to throw them away.

They're in the trash now.

What have you been storing up that you don't use anymore? This could be anything from gifts shoved in the closet to body lotion you keep trying to convince yourself with be worth the sticky feeling yet never get around to using. Start physical, then work digital. Begin on the surface level of your room - shelves, bed, desk, surface areas of all kinds - then work into harder to reach places - back of the closet, hidden boxes, etc. And as a bonus, feel free to treat yo' self and clean as you go!

Do you need to be visually reminded? Do you have tips to share with me? Holler at me in the comments below!

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  1. WOW IT'S LIKE YOU'VE BEEN INSIDE MY ROOM AND THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THOUGHTS I DO. I HAVE to clean my room at least once a week, because I firmly believe productivity does increase in a clean, organized cleaning space. One thing I don't do but you've pointed out so well is changing up decor to take up more inspiration and connect ideas in ways you previously didn't expect.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed

  2. Ooooooohhh I love this!! I am always forgetting I own things especially clothes because they will go to the back of my closet and then by the time I find it I've outgrown it. Awesome post. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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