Worlds Beneath Blog Tour: Giveaway & Guest Post With K.A. Emmons

Art. creativity. Inspiration. The passion to make something to, in turn, inspire others… the healing power in each of these, I believe is immeasurable.

You were given your craft as a gift. No one can make that thing, write that book, or sing that song in the exact way that you can. You have something that only YOU can give the world. Something the world needs - something it craves.

Your words can impact others. But your words can also impact you: can affect you, can change you, and can get you through so many things.

I think we often read stories from the old testament and think of God as speaking from a cloud, or a disembodied, echoing voice. But consider what you feel what you are making something new… that spark, that passion that you don’t even have words to describe:

did the creator not give you this passion to create because you too are a creator?

When you hold that paintbrush, that pen, that microphone - when your fingers tap the keyboard or when your hands melt against the soft clay - do you not hear his whispers?

My child, I have given you this.

We are creators; we make things. We make an impact on people’s lives with those things. And, if we choose, the things we make can heal us - can be lessons to us about the fact that we can choose. Yes, we can choose.

We can choose to create. To make good things. So grow beautiful thoughts in the gardens of our minds, chasing out the darkness. We can choose to watch those flowers bloom; to bask in their scents and the sunlight which filters through them and onto our faces.

Art is expression, and truth if we decide to let it speak. It can point us toward something greater than ourselves, something which, like adhesion, holds us, and the trees and the moon, and cake, and our friends, and the next door neighbor’s labrador all together.

We can find the light. We’ve been given our gifts, our art, as a tool with which to search for it.

And when we find it? We can choose to let it in.

* * *

This beautiful post was written by none other than the amazing Kate Emmons!

Kate has recently launched her SECOND book, and GUYS let me tell you: It. Is. ABSOLUTELY. Amazing! Her world-building is phenomenal, and her characters each fight real, relatable struggles. The way she pulled everything together at the end... AHH! When I finished this book, I about cried. No joke. I can't recommend these books enough.

As a special treat, Kate is giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of her debut novel, The Blood Race. Be sure to check that out below! As you scroll, please enjoy learning about Kate, her book, and the host of this lovely blog tour. :)

More about Kate:

When she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run. Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series. Get connected with Kate on your favorite social platform, and be sure to check out the K.A. Emmons website!

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Get your copy of World's Beneath! (ALSO ISN'T THIS COVER JUST FAB??)

Thank you Livy for coordinating this awesome tour!

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  1. LOVELY POST ROSIE, AND KATE, of course! This is such a good book, omw. YOU SAID IT COMPLETELY "her world building is phenomenal" *applause*

  2. Yay! Such an awesome post! Thanks for being part of the Tour, Rosie! :) <3


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