Bullet Journal Spreads for Students

It's hard to believe that the fall semester began last Monday.

I've been wracking my brain, trying to figure out how the past weeks have flown by so fast, and I figure it may have to do with the fact that I took summer classes. ;) During the months of summer I developed a minimal bullet journaling routine, wittling down to only opening it the mornings for my quiet time. However, with the heavier schedule of the fall semester and the goals I want to keep track of before New Years hits, I decided to renew my bullet journaling habit and dive right back in -- and share my journey with you guys!

Supplies I use:

  • JOURNAL: Think Ink spiral bound dot grid journal
  • PENCIL: Any standard pencil with an eraser
  • PEN: Pilot G-2, 0.5mm
  • HIGHLIGHTERS: Zebra mildliners (Best. Christmas gift. Ever.)

Past school spreads I've tried

  • A monthly layout that included a month at a glance and a habit tracker
  • Weekly spreads that never got filled out
    • 3 different kinds - box, grid, segments
  • Study log (October 2017) - It was a cool concept but my setup wasn't very functional. I think instead of tracking time spent on each subject, it would be better to track total time spent studying. This would leave more space for more important things, like events or projects due.
  • November 2017: I started figuring out what worked best for me. A month at a glance separate from my habit tracker. Plus the addition of a mood tracker and monthly goals.

Tour through my bullet journal

Since the new year, I've pretty much given up on specific school focused pages, and have given my journal a self-help vibe by only focusing on monthly goals and my daily quiet time. This semester I want to put a little more effort into my journaling game, yet still keep it simple -- I don't know how much time I'll have in the future to dedicate to making everything look pretty, you feel?

All this to say, here are my back to school bullet journaling spreads. I hope they inspire you!

What I'm trying this time around...

  • Semester at a glance: Inservice days, big projects, etc. Holidays, birthdays, important appointments.
  • Class info page (not seen here due to personal information)
  • Fall schedule page: class times + weekly lessons
  • Class tracker spread: 16 weeks of readings + assignments/assessments

Semester at a glance

My schedule this semester

Class Reading and Assignment Tracker

Weekly Spread for August 27th to September 2nd

September Monthly Layout

September Goal, Habit, and Mood Trackers


How will you design your bullet journal?

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  1. I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS HOW HELPFUL THIS POST IS. Seriously, though, I wasn’t sure how to do a school bullet journal, and now I know! Thank you!

    1. I'm so happy I could help you, Nicole! Let me know how it goes. I'd love to see how your school bullet journal turns out. XD

  2. Oh my goodness, your bullet journal is so so pretty!! I love it!

    1. *blushes* Thank you, Grace! Do you have a bullet journal? I bet yours would be so clean and aesthetic. <3_<3

  3. Your bullet journal is goals!! I love it so much! I'm going to use this post as inspiration for a few pages in my journal!
    Simply Me

  4. I'm a beginner and this is SO helpful! Thank you for sharing <3


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