Cultivating A Spirit of Nice

I believe kindness is a year-round thing.

During the holidays, when we are surrounded by fairy lights, snow, and hot cocoa, it can be easy to embrace the love we feel in our hearts for other people. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you celebrate something at the end of the year -- with your family, a special someone, and your friends -- and those little things that bother you, they melt away.

Because it's the Season of Joy.

But when Holiday Mode turns off and the celebration winds down, it gets easier to welcome the tension back in. To look at your friends on social media and envy their lives. To read other's opinions and disagree to the point where you have to leave a comment that is sure to convince them to change their mind. To let your road rage take over because it's icy and you don't appreciate having to deal with someone who puts your life at risk. To snap at a sibling when they keep bugging you.

I'd like to challenge you to be nice when you don't want to be.

It can be hard. So, so hard, especially if you've been in the habit of letting your anger or disappointment control you -- something I've struggled with in the past.

But it's worth it, friend. Learning self-control and also choosing to hold back can be one of the best decision you make on any given day. Words can never be taken back. Actions can't be undone.

And I want you to live a life without regrets.

So if you struggle to extend kindness when you feel extreme negative emotions, this is the challenge for you. For me. For everyone.

Some things to tell yourself (before, after, and during the fact):

  • Will this event matter a year from now?
  • Is what they said even true?
  • How can I change my reaction next time around?
  • Hurting people hurt people -- is this person hurting? How can I bless them?
  • In what ways am I thankful for this person? (Let them know!)

You don't deserve to be treated poorly. But even when you are, choose to surprise others -- and ourselves! -- by being kind in return.

Do you accept this challenge?

Also, happy early New Year friend. <3

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  1. GAH so I have no way of knowing if my first comment went through or not so I apologize in advance if this is a double comment! But I love how timely this post is, especially around the new year, and also you're right that the Christmas cheer is starting to fade. Having a spirit of niceness is something I definitely want to bring back with me to the office when I return to work this week. It can be hard to put others first and think kind thoughts in certain situations (i.e. When I'm hangry or someone cuts me off in traffic LOL) but it's so important. 100% accept your challenge and will be trying to work on this in the new year. I hope you have a wonderful 2019, Rosie! :) <3


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