Small Ways to Implement Change Into Your Life

I love routine.

I love knowing what to expect because I do the same thing everyday. I love repeating tasks, keeping things the same, and never feeling out of control.

But sometimes I get bored.

And doing the same ol' same ol' doesn't quite cut it. I'll do it halfway because I'll think I can get away with it. Or I simply don't do it at all.

Do you ever get like this? Stuck doing the same things and not quite sure how to add a little spice to your life?

Here are some things that I do -- and will try to do in the future -- when I need to change things up:

  1. Take a different route to work or school.
  2. Download a new Spotify playlist and jam to that while you clean.
  3. Wear a different eyeshadow -- go crazy with color!
  4. Find a new outfit from clothes you already have in your closet. Tip: LAYER IT UP.
  5. Rearrange your books -- by color. Genre. Author. Title. The level of love you feel for it.
  6. Pick out a new book to read -- a different genre, a new author, maybe even a different target audience (I love kids books, friend).
  7. Buy a new scent to put in your room, wash your body with, or sprits on before leaving the house.
  8. Print out some photos and your favorite quotes and plaster them everywhere -- your walls, your bathroom mirror, in the hall, etc.
  9. Paint or write on your white shoes.
  10. Rearrange your room furniture.
  11. Get a new haircut -- experiment with your style.
  12. Sign up to volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  13. Call instead of text.
  14. Go on a social media hiatus for a week.
  15. Stop watching any YouTube for a week.
  16. Challenge yourself to spend less than 2hrs on your phone a day.
  17. Change your wallpapers on your devices.
  18. Clean out your car.
  19. Clean out the corner in your room that always seems to accumulate stuff.
  20. Try out a new study technique.
  21. Use the Pomodoro method as you work.
  22. Do a chore without being asked to do it. 
  23. Dust or wipe down the spots you never get to -- your vanity, bathroom sink, shelves.
  24. Get creative and order a new drink from Starbucks!
  25. Buy something just for YOU this Christmas.
  26. Only buy gifts for other people this Christmas.
  27. Go out of your way to see someone who you think is cute and have a chat with them.
  28. Add a doodle beside each of your daily journal entries -- or if you don't have a journal, start one!
  29. Write down a happy moment from each day -- one word or a paragraph, just write it down!
  30. Do a monthly challenge -- like an IG photo challenge, Inktober, etc.
  31. Buy chalks or hair dye and color your hair at home.
  32. Wear a color you wouldn't normally wear.
  33. Splurge on a bath bomb from Lush and treat yourself to a relaxing evening in the bath.
  34. Fix dinner for your family.
  35. Learn your favorite song on any instrument.

I don't really like to write list posts and run, so here's another piece of advice:

No matter what you change -- how big or small -- it can greatly improve your day.

You may find your true style.

Your favorite hobby.

A new music group that knocks your socks off.

Openness to new experiences allows your perspective to be changed and your person to grow.

How will you implement change today? 


  1. It's so funny because lately I've been feeling really bored with my shower routine and I thought about changing it up. o.O I guess I've been feeling really bored with my life's routine in general so bless you for this.

    xx Kenz

  2. These are awesome ideas! I've been wanting to both cut my hair and put some pics on my walls for a while.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. OH GOSH I love this post. *Hugs list* All of these are such beautiful little ways to add joy to a day! I am also a creature of habit and very much stick to my daily routines but small things like wearing a new color or buying a new scent can seriously make things more interesting. Thank you for writing this, Rosie! I loved it. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Eve! :)


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