The Best Books I Read in 2018

Can you believe 2018 is almost over?

Right when I was just feeling at home too. ;) Before the month escapes completely, I thought I would go back through my year of books and get nostalgic with my reads. I read a lot more this year than I thought I would have the chance to, which actually created a pretty hefty list -- that I've narrowed down to my top 5. I've always loved round up posts of reading recommendations, so I thought doing one before the end of the year would be perfect!

Here's the best of what I read in 2018 and would recommend to you:

Fruits Basket series

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This is hands down the number one book (series) I read this year. After finishing the anime, I gobbled up the manga -- only to find my library didn't have the last one! [cue screaming] But I plan to buy them! Or if all works out, I'll be getting them for Christmas...

The characters are deeper and more developed than you would find in a traditional manga. They all have backstories and fears that I find relatable, which is something I look for in a book (graphic novel or not). You will laugh and you will cry and you will want to chuck these books while reading them. But you will always come back to the story to see what happens next.

If you've read or watched this series, please comment below! I'd love to discuss it with you (and have someone to fangirl over it with).


A family with an ancient curse... And the girl who will change their lives forever... Tohru Honda was an orphan with no place to go until the mysterious Sohma family offered her a place to call home. Now her ordinary high school life is turned upside down as she's introduced to the Sohma's world of magical curses and family secrets.

The Blood Race and Worlds Beneath

You may remember from August that I participated in the Worlds Beneath blog tour -- and you know I wouldn't suggest something to you unless I was passionate about it! These books... GAHHHHH! The characters, the feelings, the scenery!! This book has it all -- even a drool worthy cover.

Kate really hit a home run with these books. They're professional and so well written. I can tell how much passion and hard work went into her project, and as fellow indie author, I admire that. She's someone I look up to in the writing community.

Synopsis of The Blood Race

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All Ion Jacobs ever wanted was to be normal. But when you’re capable of killing with your very thoughts, it’s hard to blend in with the crowd. Running from his past and living in fear of being discovered, Ion knows he will never be an average college student. But when Hawk, the beautiful, mysterious girl next door unearths his darkest secret, Ion’s life is flipped upside-down. He’s shocked to discover a whole world of people just like him -- a world in another dimension, where things like levitation, shape-shifting, and immortality are not only possible… they’re normal. Forced to keep more secrets than ever before, Ion struggles to control his powers in the real world while commuting between realms -- until his arch enemy starts a fight he can’t escape. Now he has sealed the fate of the Dimension, severing their connection to the real world, and locking himself inside forever. But a deadly threat hidden in plain sight may cost Ion more than just his freedom -- it may cost him his life.

My Friend Dahmer

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You may read the title and go, "Dahmer? Isn't that the name of that serial killer--"

Yes, my friend. I read this graphic novel for a writing project I did for school in the spring semester and it opened my eyes to the pain Jeffrey Dahmer felt in his youth.

Now, this book isn't for everyone, but if you're interested in learning about serial killers and weird stuff like I am, then you'll love this. Also, this art style is unique and the story line is chillingly raw -- Backderf knew Dahmer and pieced together his spiral into who he eventually became.


You only think you know this story. In 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer — the most notorious serial killer since Jack the Ripper — seared himself into the American consciousness. To the public, Dahmer was a monster who committed unthinkable atrocities. To Derf Backderf, “Jeff” was a much more complex figure: a high school friend with whom he had shared classrooms, hallways, and car rides.


Meet Cute

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This was by far the most romantic book I read all year, which is surprising considering how much I love love. The array of authors was amazing. Apparently, they're all very popular but the only one I knew of was Nicola Yoon (shame on you, Rosie!). But I'm glad because it exposed me to a lot of new authors with unique and beautiful styles. I simply can't wait to read their personal works.


Whether or not you believe in fate, or luck, or love at first sight, every romance has to start somewhere. MEET CUTE is an anthology of original short stories featuring tales of "how they first met" from some of today’s most popular YA authors.

Lies Young Women Believe

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I must mention this book because I read it toward the beginning of the year and it has helped me figure out a lot of things in my life.


“I know God should be the only thing that satisfies, but if it could be Him and my friends, then I could be happy.”

"It seems like I have been struggling with depression forever. I always feel like I am not good enough.”

“I tell myself that I don’t really listen to the song lyrics, but once I hear a song a few times and start thinking about what they’re saying I realize that it's too late. It's already stuck in my head."

"For me, the whole wife and mom thing is overrated. It isn’t cool to want a husband and a family.”

Maybe you can identify. Trying to listen to the right voices can be difficult. This book has been written by friends who will help you find the Truth. Maybe your heart is telling you that some things in your life are way off course. Certain habits and relationships have left you confused and lonely. This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

In this book, Nancy and Dannah expose 25 of the lies most commonly believed by your generation. They share real-life accounts from some of the young women they interviewed, along with honest stories about how they’ve overcome lies they themselves believed. They get down in the trenches of the battle with you. Best of all, they’ll show you how to be set free by the Truth.

My ever growing 2019 to read list:

  • Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (I bought it and STILL haven't read it.)
  • Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope
  • Defy the Worlds by Claudia Grey
  • The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare
  • The Visionaries [book 2] by N.R.C. ;)

How about you? Have you read any of these books? Will you read any of these books? Do you have any Must Reads to recommend to me?


  1. YES, the Blood Race was soooo good! And I’ll have to check out that anime!

  2. Yessss. I read two of those books- Worlds Beneath (so. good.) and Meet Cute (cutttee)! And now I'm reading Fruits Basket. ;) Please add Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz to the list-- you will not regret it.

    xx Kenz

  3. Actually, I haven't read any of them! But I highly recommend The Lost Rose & A Thousand Splendid Suns! THEY'RE SO GOOD! <3
    Khadija | October's Lallu

  4. These all look like really great recommendations! I've actually never read any manga, but I might have to check out Fruits Basket because it looks really cool. :) Definitely check out Turtles All the Way Down next year; that was one I read this year a little while ago. Lately I've really enjoyed reading personal essays from people like Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling. They're pretty funny!


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