Thursday, January 31, 2019

What's in My Backpack (College, Fjallraven Kanken)

My Kanken is the backpack of my dreams.

It's aesthetic. It's waterproof and a lovely yellow color. Instead of making me feel like I'm lugging around a bunch of heavy school materials, it makes me feel like I'm transporting sunshine (and lots of it -- textbooks are heavy!)

Quick shoutout to Mackenzie for sending this to me for my birthday! I'm so thankful to finally have the backpack of my dreams. <3

The bag:

Dimensions (Original size):
  • Height: 38 cm (almost 15 in.)
  • Width: 27 cm (just under 10 3/4 in.)
  • Depth: 13 cm (just under 5 1/4 in.)

I'll be honest. When I first saw this bag, I was pretty sure it wouldn't serve me well *. My original backpack had pockets upon pockets (that I didn't use, mind you) so I was worried when I first opened up the square zipper and peaked into the empty abyss below.


It's big enough to house A LOT of stuff. I can carry my water bottle with me in the side pocket, tons of notebooks, textbooks, and little bags containing supplies, as well as miscellaneous items that I think I need but never use.

* Though, let's be real here -- I still wanted it because it's just pretty. <3_<3

What's in the front pocket:

My front pocket is the place where I store all my "this doesn't quite have a place anywhere else because I don't use it enough" slash "when I do need it, it needs to be easily accessible".
  • Google Pixel headphones
  • Hand sanitizer (very nice to have)
  • Glasses wipe
  • Cough drop
  • Pizza pin
  • Feminine products holder
  • Little mirror
  • Band-aids

The main compartment:

Normally I don't take my laptop with me (just because my schedule doesn't quite allow me enough downtime to get any work on it, plus half my classes are very hands-on and the others I like to stay focused). But if I needed to take it, it would fit.

Can you see all those notebooks and that textbook? I could cram more in here if I wanted to (or needed to) which makes me think that in the future when I go on summer adventures, I will have plenty of room to bring along all the stuff I may need.

My pencil case:

This semester I'm taking an art class, hence the charcoal, kneaded erasers, and abundance of black markers. I also have this thing where I'm paranoid about needing a pencil -- and being able to provide others with pencils -- so that's why I have a million of those. Otherwise, I keep my favorite pen and a yellow highlighter for taking notes during lectures. Also, the chapstick is nice to have with me on these brutally cold winter days when I have to walk between classes. Brrr.

My wallet:

I absolutely love my wallet. It has a strap (not pictured here) that gives me the ability to turn it into a crossbody -- which will be super nice on the days when it gets warmer and I won't be able to keep it stored in my jacket pocket, or if I know I'll need to hands-free. But the majority of the time, it remains an adorable wristlet.

As you can see, I keep my Kanken pretty minimalistic. This is because I'm the type of person who really doesn't want to carry more than I have to (it's hard to carry a heavy backpack around campus) and I don't want to waste my time digging through all the stuff in my bag. BUT if I wanted to, I could carry so much more with me.

My overall impressions of the Original Kanken:

I LOVE IT! Like I mentioned, I was concerned with the lack of compartments and extra places to store things, but simply having a main compartment and a small front pocket has helped me pare down what I take with me and how I divide it all up. Overall, this backpack isn't just beautiful but functional as well. :)

What's in your backpack?

Are you like me and tend to overpack so you're prepared for anything? Or are you more of a minimalist? What do you carry with you on a day to day basis? Do you have a Kanken? Do you want a Kanken? What color would you get it in?

2 Sweet Words:

  1. THIS POST MAKES ME SO HAPPY. <3 You have no idea how satisfying it is to see my name up there. ;) I love knowing that you are making Cent(?) useful. ^-^

    xx Kenz

    p.s. your bedding and that pizza pin are so cute I cannot.