Hey, I'm Rosie!

I'm the creator of Two-Point Perspective, the blog for creators who struggle with, desire to learn about, and supporters of those with, mental health problems. The purpose of this site is to unite like-minded creators who want to share how their creative work has helped them on their journey of healing. Our art (defined as anything we create) has healing powers, and that is what this blog is all about. Sharing the healing.

I write in three areas:


Writing and sharing personal struggles and how to get through these struggles. Tips for creativity, changing up your space, and learning to value yourself. Self-love, self-confidence, motivation, self-improvement, happiness, productivity, time-management and more!


Helping you find what you are passionate about, fit this into your schedule, and keep at it even when you want to toss it all out into the garbage can. Inspiration, creativity, managing multiple talents, loving your art, and organizing your creative process.


Helping you get your project off the ground. Guest posting and sharing your story opportunities. Rallying the readers together to pour love over something near and dear to someone who worked to create something marvelous. The celebration of the creative cycle, and all the parts from start to finish.

Basically, this community is like a warm hug and an "I totally get you, girl".

This is the blog for creators who value...


This is our lifeblood. This is sometimes the only reason we rise in the morning -- so that we create something. It does not have to be beautiful nor perfect. It just has to be shaped by ourselves.


We are constantly learning. We strive for efficiency, productivity, and prosperity. But we also reach to grab more people and learn more about ourselves. We are always working to expand our Comfort Zone.


There is nothing more beautiful than having a good idea and trusting in ourselves to have the capabilities to complete it.


We laugh -- at ourselves and at the silliness of life. We find joy in the big and small. Never are we too serious that we cannot smile.


We desire to understand other people and their stories. We are learning not to judge by what we see, because sometimes that is not the whole story. When we learn about the hardships others have had to endure, we feel for them.


Above all else, we are ourselves. We create what we love because we love it. Because it fills US with joy.

Mission Statement

To acknowledge the journey each creator is on, and the hardships and blessings they have endured to get where they are today.

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